Being both intellectually curious and talented, I have greatly invested my education and training in experiencing different cultures and being exposed to various forms of artistic expressions. This drive is a primary reason why I am able to check off multiple project experiences, namely acting, singing, voice, theater and writing on my curriculum vitae. With a voice, comparable to James Earl Jones, and a vocal range equivalent to Josh Groban, the value of my work has always been very distinguished. Originally from West Africa, I have had the privilege to be involved in and perfected various cross-cultural stage productions e.g. opera, choral singing, voice animation during my training. This year, I had the privilege to be mentored and collaborated with Alison McBryde (Casting director, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor), Micheal Luggio (Actor, and founder of Malisa Theatre Academy) and Roger Hendricks Simon (Actor, Wall Street 2, and owner of The Simon Studio). I continue to be driven to bring different perspectives to my work, both on and off stage, while my diverse background creates a unique perspective well-served as a prerequisite for authentic productions.